Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update (:

I just want to personally thank all of you for being there for me during my struggle last year. It was really hard and I was so grateful I had so much support! My life has taken a turn for the better, I'm so much healthier now! My weight.. hmm maybe about like 122-125 lbs depending on the day? That number used to scare the shit out of me but now I don't really care! Yes I still have days where I don't feel too great about my body but I still eat anyway!

I don't have a boyfriend at the moment (but I don't really care) (: I got my first job! I work at Ihop as a hostess and I'm hopefully getting my liscense soon! I drive like EVERYWHERE now it's pretty great I finally got over my fear of driving! I have alot of friends who support me and I love that so much (: My eyes are finally huge, blue, bright and full of life and I'm doing so much better in school now that I finally got over my depression too. I actually went off my medication and I am SO happy about that!

My mom is taking me to acpuncture weekly cause she thinks it will help and I'm just like -___- but oh well better than taking pills!

Anyway I just wanted to thank you all for being there for me on this journey maybe I will decide to write on here in the future but for now you can follow my twitter- @DaniellleNicol or my tumblr- http://ohhbitchhhpleaseee.tumblr.com/ !(:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tumblr switch!!

Heeeyyy guys (: sorry I haven't posted in.. months. Lol. Buuut you should all follow my tumblr blog if you have one!<3 http://ohhbitchhhpleaseee.tumblr.com/ idk I just like tumblr alot better now! it lets me do alot me haha but anywayyy, comment with your tumblr link so I can follow you!(: