Sunday, August 28, 2011

Letter to myself

I'm gonna read this every time I feel like crap. My ex boyfriends have done such shitty things to me.. it made me feel like I was never worth it. But guess what assholes? I am. And I'm gonna find someone better<3

Hey, you.

Yeah you! Are you thinking about him AGAIN? Quit it. You’re better than this. You’re worth it. He’s just a STUPID boy. Were you happy before him? Yes? Duh! You’ve been through worse than this sweetheart. Cutting drinking anorexia depression bulimia. Heartbreak? No problem. There are people who need you in the world. You have a purpose in this world and it isn’t being someone’s girlfriend. You’re going to change the world. YOU are worth it<3 You’re beautiful, inside and out.

Love, Me


  1. oh my goodness this is beautiful. good for you girl! keep this safe and read it always <3 I'm sending hugs :)

  2. Danielle,
    First off I LOVE the new title of your blog!!!! It's amazing! <3
    I'm sorry that you're struggling with heartbreak- be compassionate with yourself, because that is so painful. I'm so proud of you though for staying positive and reminding yourself that you are a strong, beautiful, capable person who deserves happiness (and that happiness comes from within, not from a guy)! You're right that you've been through a lot worse and always overcame it- you'll get through this, too!
    You rock, girl. You are going to change the world and you already have by sharing your story and inspiring so many people (including me!)

  3. You have so much confidence in yourself in this post... deff. re read it when needed :)

    IDK why it wont let me post as my open ID? UGH annoying!

  4. Hey! How you're doing? Hoping you'll have the best one. I love all your posts (after read some of it) & it really has inspired me. Keep on writing & inspires us!