Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey! Sorry I haven't wrote in a while, I've been kinda busy.

I've made like a ton of progress in the past week. Not like, weight wise but I decided to not be a vegetarian anymore. I thought I would be a vegetarian forever, but now I realized that I just wanted to be a vegetarian to feel special. See, when I first started recovery I wanted something besides my eating disorder (because I was trying to get rid of it) to make me feel special.

At the time I didn't really realize that I was a vegetarian for that reason. I've never really liked any other meat except chicken, unless it's hidden in something like meatballs or meat and rice or something. So that was another reason to be a vegetarian.

But what I didn't really realize was the side effects of not getting enough protein. I sometimes got really tired for no reason and pretty weak too. It wasn't from lack of food, but from lack of protein. I also really craved chicken too and I just denied myself enough protein for a long time. I finally admitted I didn't want to be a vegetarian anymore at the dietitian's. My mom actually started crying! And my dad said he was really proud of me. I guess I'm proud of myself too. It's still hard to get protein, but soon eating protein will get easier.

I also bought some bigger jeans. I haven't worn this size in likee 8 months? At first it was really scary but then I was like- why does this have to be such a big deal?! They're just jeans, and I want more breathing room than the smaller jeans.

I'm also starting to hang out with friends a lot more(: And I start a new high school in two weeks, I'm so excited. Staying at home all day really isn't that fun at all.

The best part is I'm starting to feel.. normal again(: I'm still underweight, but I think I can finally start to live the life the I want to, not the life Ed wants me too.


  1. I am so happy for you, Dani. Hugs. I am so happy with how hard you have been working for your health. You are an inspiration!!!

  2. Big hug! I'm really proud of you for everything that you've accomplished.

    I've thought about becoming a vegetarian before, but then I realized it was mainly ED talking. I think that its best not to label ourselves anyway. We all have unique needs that will vary throughout our lives and we need to honor those needs. You are doing a great job!

  3. Good for you Danielle. Respecting your body's cues is very important. You body was telling you it needed protein, and you listened. Congratulations. And it's great that you were able to get those jeans too. Your right, size is just a number, and it doesn't define you.

  4. It's great you realized your heart wasn't in the right place with vegetarianism. I think so many people fall into thinking it's a secret way to restrict, and most don't change that. But you did! THis is just another stepping stone, hun. I am really proud :)

    <3 Tori

  5. This is so good to hear Danielle! Keep up the fight! That is a really brave - and responsible - decision to let go of the vegetarianism. Good for you.

    Have a great weekend! =)

  6. You sound like you've made SO much progress and you should be really proud of yourself.

    Listening to your body is the most important thing. I can't be 100% vegetarian at this point either for the same reason. And it's not THAT big of a deal. You can eat meat and still be healthy.

    Living life to the full and going out there and having fun is great, isn't it? Enjoy every minute because you've totally earned it.

    Take care!

  7. You sound like you've been working really hard and are making a lot of progress. Learning to listen to your body and do what it tells you, as well as realizing that a size is just a number are HUGE steps of progress that you should be extremely proud of yourself for being able to make.

    Living life and enjoying others company is great, isn't it? Savor every moment because you totally earned it.

  8. Danielle!!

    I haven't been on blogger in a while either and was SO excited to see how much progress you've made in overcoming your ED!!

    This is very exciting and i'm so happy for you. *hug*

  9. This is listening to your body! When I first began to eat again I had been a vegetarian for over 10 years but I added in turkey and fish because I needed it...I will never not eat fish again! Turkey...I'm at a weight now where I don't need it but I will probably be some sort of vegan who eats seafood forever. This is just my way to tell you to eat seafood. Ask your parents to take you out for a lobster dinner...I know they will jump at the chance and please let me know what you think!