Sunday, August 22, 2010

The difference between a good day and a bad day

A good day can mean a lot of things. It usually means that i'm comfortable with my body and the clothes i wear, i feel pretty confident about myself, and I've eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and gone on an hour leisurely walk. A bad day usually means that i don't feel like eating much, i'm counting calories, i feel ugly and fat in anything i wear, and i haven't went on a walk. Yesterday was one of those days.

When people have an eating disorder, they try to avoid all things food. But that doesn't mean they're still thinking about it. When i was eating only 500 calories a day, food occupied my entire life. All i would do everyday is look up recipes, plan meals, and compare how many calories this food had or that food had. Now that i'm eating more, food is really only taking up 30% of my time versus 70%. Which is really great. But i'm getting off topic.. yesterday was a bad day pretty much because i put on a tight shirt that's always been tight no matter what and when i looked in the mirror i already expected before i even put the shirt on that it would look bad. I read somewhere that when you think positively, then you'll have a better outlook on life and feel better about yourself. So i guess next time before i look in the mirror i'm going to say: i look good! And maybe i'll believe it.

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