Thursday, January 6, 2011

Four things

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Thanks Missy!

Four words/phrases I use way too much;
-Like. She was all like, I was like


-Yeah, for sure

-This isn't a word, but I use way too many smiley faces!(:

Four Things I'm passionate about;

-Stopping hate. There has been so much hate on formspring lately. People calling each other fat. I'm trying to stick up for each person that has been called fat/a mean thing

-Animals! Specifically dogs

Thats my dog Baily and me(:


-Raising awareness about eating disorders

Four things you'd discover upon meeting me (in real life);

-I'm funny

-I'm pretty much always wayy too late or way too early

-I'm kinda shy (but not as much as I used to be! I'm finally breaking free of that)

-I can never sit still. Thats probably why I hate video games!

Four things I've learned from the past;

-God's love is unconditional. No matter what you do, God will always love you

-True friends don't treat you like crap

-Be yourself. You were born an original, don't die a copy

-Laughter is the best medicine

Four things I eat that freak people out;


-Green Tea Frappuccinos

-Coconut milk yogurt

-Chik'n nuggets


Four tv shows I love;



-Make it or break it


Four tv shows I loved;

-Zoey 101


-The amanda show

-The Hills

Four things I'm looking forward to;

-Starting a new school

-Moving to a warmer place

-Meeting true friends

-Finally recovering from my eating disorder

Four things I love about winter;

-Cute winter clothes


-Taking peaceful walks in the snow with my dog

-Drinking lattes and eating soup

Four ways poor nutrition destroyed my body;

-Being cold. All the time!

-Sometimes having trouble breathing as a result of not enough food

-Cold/purpleish hands


Thanks for reading!(:


  1. Lovely getting to know more about you! Xxxx

  2. Oh my gosh, I miss the Amanda Show so much!! Have you ever been on haha.

    Girl, you are absolutely stunning!! And your doggy is cute, too :P Keep smiling :)(Yeah, I use way too many smilies, too haha).


  3. i really need to try one of those green tea frapps - asap!!
    I think its great you realized God's love is everlasting and unconditional - one of the best lessons i learned too!

  4. You're the best, thanks for sharing these.

    And by the way... we should eat together. :) We like the same foods!

    Four things I eat that freak people out;
    -Green Tea Frappuccinos
    -Coconut milk yogurt
    -Chik'n nuggets

  5. I love Green Tea Frapp too!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Yay! Someone else who eats and loves coconut milk yogurt!!!
    And you are so beautiful :)
    And happy faces do count hehe :)

  7. Coconut milk yogurt?
    Where do you find that?! Sounds delish!
    Also, you and your dog are cute :)
    Finally, the best part of this post is your goal to finally recover from an eating disorder! :) Good luck; I'm right here with you girly

  8. 1. Like, is probably my worst word habit!
    2. I want to try the Green Tea Frappe'! It does look a little weird I must admit. And I'm not sure that I like green tea in the first place. Is the drink sweet enough? My drinks have to be sweet!
    3. <3 Chicken nuggets! Who doesn't? Even the fake vegetarian ones!
    4. Degrassi rocks! I use to be so obsessed with it. I had a major crush on Spinner :)

  9. Oh Em Gee, Danielle. You're dog is like SO cute!

    hahhaha....ya see? It's the times. The word "like" has made its way into cultural fact-dom. Obama has used it. (0:

    I LOVE your things you have learned from the past! Love that. Each and every one.

    About the friends? Um..yes. Good lesson. But keep your brain open to what that means about family. So...sometimes family members say or act certain ways that may be...crappy.
    Funny thing. They're your family. They love you. And still they are just them and you may realize they can say things that make you feel like crap.

    I feel like I have read your posts you might relate. You can't "cut" family out....but we CAN realize that we don't have control over how people just are...and just choose to know they love us and (I employ this in my head out loud) think "erase erase erase" when they say or act wonky and just smile.
    You are gonna do this. God told me.
    I wish I had been so aware at your age.


  10. FYI, you and your dog are way too cute!<3

  11. You are such a cutie!!!

    And I totally get dissed all the time for liking tofu. But I can't help it, it's just so likable :P.

  12. The picture of you and your dog is SO sweet!

    I use smiley faces a lot too.. Even more though I have to watch how much I use exclamation points!!! =D

    My writing coach is always telling me to cut back on how much I use them...

    "Be yourself. You were born an original, don't die a copy." I really like that!!

  13. Love this post, Danielle!!!! :-) It was nice getting to know you a little better. I am definitely going to check out the green tea frappucino! The pic of you and your dog is so adorable by the way! <3