Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making a difference

As soon as I realized that I actually did want to recover, I wanted to help others recover too! Because recovery is so hard to do on your own! You have to face the table every day and eat, and be brave. For a while, I wasn't very brave. I would talk to other people who had an eating disorder, and they would beg me to eat more and I would tell them I don't feel like trying. I was too scared to face the demon, to stare it in the face and tell it that it was wrong.

It took me a long time to actually face the demon instead of just listening to the lies it told me. For a long time, I wore a size that was almost too small for me because I liked the small size, not the actual clothes. I would ignore the risks and still eat less because thats all I knew how to do. Now, everything has changed.

I'm not afraid anymore. I don't want to be cold anymore or have my brain shrink from lack of food or even have my heart shrink! Before I went to the new clinic, I didn't even know these things. I didn't know the heart shrunk. It did, because its a muscle and when you have an eating disorder, you get really weak.

I want to live now. I want to make a difference. Not gaining weight, isn't going to make a difference. I have to eat more than the average person eats and face my fears because I want to live. Being underweight for so long, is not living. I don't want people to ask me if I'm anorexic on formspring, and I don't even want them to question if I have an eating disorder anymore. I want to be healthy, strong, and beautiful.

We can all beat this. Don't be afraid, we can do this<3

I always listen to this song when I'm feeling sad, it always makes me feel better and stronger.


  1. Love your today's post! Keep it up Danielle!!

  2. Yay!! It sounds like you're doing well. :)
    I loovee that song, too!

  3. What a beautiful post! REcovery is great when you share your support with others =)


  4. Thank you so much for this uplifting post! Your determination is such an inspiration to me! Awesome song, too. :-) <3

  5. This is so refreshing to read, thank you :) I've been reading a lot of negative posts lately (mine included..) and this really made me smile. Thank you for being such an inspiration!


  6. This is a beautiful post with such a positive attitude. And that is what beating this is all about, the attitude you carry. This is great. Keep it up!!!

    I love this song too, and the music video tells such a great little story with a fantastic message.

  7. <3 Thank you for the beautiful attitude. This post is such inspiration. <3