Sunday, January 2, 2011

New years

On new years last year, I was sitting at my grandmas house watching her dog and watching Degrassi because she was in the hospital. I was really sad & bored because it wasn't how I wanted to spend my new years. This year, was much different(:

I was sitting on the couch on new years eve watching degrassi (of course..) and feeling sad when C texted me. She asked if I could sleep over at J's house and I was soo excited! I'm not about to become best friends with them and tell them everything, but it was fun hanging out with them. We all took turns talking to J's boyfriend (we're all good friends with him), goofing around, and then making cake balls. We did play black ops too, but that wasn't very fun.

We stayed up until 5, so the next day I was really tired! Even after going out to eat with my mom and having 2 large glasses of diet coke, I was still tired! I feel asleep at around 3, then woke up at 6 and I was still really out of it. I've been thinking about the new year, and new years resolutions and it made me think of the sleepover with J and C again.

I was playing truth with J's boyfriend over the phone (like truth or dare, except we just do the truth) and he asked if I could change one thing about myself, what would it be. And, I actually couldn't think of anything! Before when I was letting my eating disorder control my every move, I would of said a lot. But now, I'm actually happy with the person I am. I haven't felt that way in a long time. I've always felt insecure about myself, wishing I wasn't this or that.

Now that it's the new year my only resolution is to accept myself. I think it'll be a resolution that I'll be able to accomplish for once(:

I thought this was kinda cute(:

Happy New year Everyone!


  1. Love your resolution, and that you had fun with your friends. Happy new year! =)

  2. You're right, that cartoon is cute! :)

  3. "But now, I'm actually happy with the person I am."

    I love it! I'm so glad you're slowly learning to see yourself as the beautiful, strong, amazing, wonderful person you really are!


  4. This is wonderful :)

    Happy New Year!! xxx

  5. So great, Danielle! I'm glad you had a good New Years.<3

  6. thats a really cute(and v. insightful!) cartoon :) happy new yeear!! xxx

  7. That's a great resolution. So many people focus on all the things they need to change, but really at the end of the day, it's all about whether you can look in the mirror and like who you are.

  8. I'm so glad you've a good time on NYE, Danielle!
    Sleepover at J's sounded like fun :)
    I absolutely LOVED that cartoon!
    It makes me think about my resolution for 2011..
    Which is having no resolutions!
    Wish you an amazing day, girl.
    2011 is here!

  9. hahaha!! I love the comic!!

    I agree with Jess, a beautiful sentence.

    Happy New year!! - though it is a bit late...