Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The "fat" model moments

You know the more you know that you can't do something, the more you want to do it? It used to be that way with me and eating. After each meal i would say: i can't wait to eat again! Which is really sad. Now, it's like that with modeling. I keep telling myself: You can't model. Models are super skinny. You might as well give up now. You've never going to get anywhere in the industry looking fat. And now that i think about it, it's probably the ED telling me this. Not myself. But still, every time i think about modeling, i think I'll never be able to do it again because i won't be thin enough. Until i read something that changed my mind. I was reading seventeen magazine when i saw an interview with Tyra Banks. If you don't know who she is, she used to be a runway model and created her own signature walk, she was the first black woman on the cover of sports illustrated, and she created America's next top model. She's basically my role model. I mean, she went from being a supermodel to creating her own talk show and created her own company! Anyway, she was talking about dreams and who inspired her to go after her dreams. She said: "If someone slams the door in your face, go through a window. If the window is locked, go through the back door. If the back door is closed, climb on the roof and find your way in through the attic. There is a way to your goal. Just figure out how to get there".
At that moment i knew, i can be a model! I could be the first normal size model and maybe i could pave the way for other models. Models wouldn't be pressured to be super skinny anymore. They would just be beautiful and average. Young girls wouldn't be pressured to be really thin anymore. That's my new dream. To change how the world thinks.
I know it's a big dream, but i hope one day to accomplish it.

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  1. Thats a lovely perspective and a beautiful dream to have, i love tyra and what she stands for too. I wish i could be as entrepreneurial as her.