Thursday, September 9, 2010

Healthy Eating

What is healthy eating exactly? My eating is so up and down, I'm not even sure. Lately, I've been feeling that I've been eating really unhealthy. I mean yeah, i eat a lot of fruits and lean cuisines and stuff but i feel like i eat a lot of bad stuff too. But maybe that's just my eating disorder talking. The thing is, when i eat healthy no matter what the portion amount, i feel good about what i ate. If i eat say, a chicken strip basket with fries and a medium chocolate shake, then i don't feel good about what i ate and i feel like i ate way too much.

Back when i was only eating 500 calories a day, i had it in my mind that healthy food wasn't good. I would only eat like a donut and a small candy bar because it would satisfy my cravings and i was only eating so little so i might as well eat what i want right? Well, now i want to eat healthy. And eating healthy doesn't mean depriving yourself of sweets or pizza or something. It means eating it in moderation. So i don't get sick of it. And so i don't feel bad about it.

It's weird, when i list off my favorite foods now and compare it to back then, it's completely different. I used to love chocolate and eat it everyday but now i actually prefer fruit over chocolate! But my all time favorite food is Green tea. I loveee anything green tea. Green tea ice cream, green tea frappuccino's, green tea cake, they even make green tea Kit Kat's! Too bad they only sell them in japan.

When i think about recovery, it seems so hard. So much like a long road ahead that never ends. I did see my nutritionist today though. She said i was looking so much better, i had a smile on my face, and some color to my face too. And when i think about how miserable i used to be, recovery suddenly seems worth it. Weight gain doesn't feel as horrible anymore and life seems great. Getting up every day doesn't feel like a chore anymore, and I love that.


  1. Yum. I love green tea frappucinos! That pic makes me so thirsty :)

    There is a sense of accomplishment with eating something healthy. I think that it goes beyond the specific healthy food that you're eating--it's just automatically rewarding to know you have done the something good for your body. Recovery is a long road but it is not a never-ending one. It is definitely hard, but it is always, always worth it.

    Glad to hear you're smiling and happy. Stay positive!

  2. Its funny how our perception and interests in food change over time isnt it. Im not a big green tea fan, except green tea icecream, but I do still love my chocolate and would probabaly choose it over fruit, but each to their own I guess. Moderation is key, little bit of anything is fine and too much of anything, even fruit, isnt.

  3. You should commend yourself for all of your hard work and positivity!!! Yes, the road to recovery is a long one, but you are right on your way. <3